Strategic facilities such as: – nuclear and power plants, gas and oil fields, national institutions such as government buildings, embassies, etc., have always been a preferred target of terrorist attacks in order to cause a huge number of human victims and economic damage.

Protection of strategic facilities is a national interest. Their sabotage can destabilize the security of the country and / or its economic situation, reason why they require special attention and security.

As always, our understanding is that technology alone cannot respond to the full range of threats, but technology backed by well-trained personnel can address any threats and ensure the continuity of the essential national assets.


  • Command and central control
  • Smart fences
  • Long Range Day / Night Cameras
  • RF Jammers
  • Radars
  • Anti Drone Systems
  • Metal doors
  • X-ray machines


  • Routine and emergency safety procedures
  • Training of security managers
  • Training of armed security agents
  • Contingency plans
  • Contact with LE units