Aviation has always been a preferred target for terrorist attacks around the world. It presents a goal so critical and sensitive that it can affect the image and economy of an entire nation. Aviation is one of the most crucial and difficult assets to protect since it involves a delicate combination of millions of people from different nations in a relatively small sensitive environment and time frame. Every little mistake can lead to catastrophic results.

Our concept is based on providing the highest level of safety while allowing the airport to provide first class service level to all passengers.


  • State of the art indoor / outdoor cameras
  • Special cameras for takeoff / landing runways for the detection of hazardous objects
  • Smart fences designed for airports and runways
  • X-ray machines, metal detectors, explosives, drugs and sniffers.
  • Anti Drone Defense
  • Unique management software for airports


  • Profiling – prioritizing passengers in a fast, safe and accurate way
  • Airport Perimeter Security
  • Synchronization of all safety rings – from the outermost for the agent on the plane
  • On board training for security officers